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SB 6620 is a bad bill that will rip the option of adequate self-defense out of the hands of young women and single mothers and all individuals from 18-21.

Just as ridiculous, SB 6620 even outlaws members of our own armed forces 18-21 from purchasing firearms.

The absurdity of banning 18-21 year olds from purchasing a firearm while they are still deemed mature enough to vote, drive a car, receive abortions, enter into contracts, and serve in the military (using guns) is an idea based in blame on the person’s age—and the misused object of crime—not the actual person that committed any acts.

What other constitutional right could be limited and segmented among free and legal adults over 18? The right to vote? Free speech? Protest? Assembly? Due Process? Speedy Trials? Worship? Equal protection? Privacy? Marriage? Movement? The answer of course, is none. And any type of proposed ban can and should be quickly rejected.

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