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SB 6415 is a bill which attempts to cast a “Scarlet Letter” on over 600,000 legitimate Washington State concealed pistol license holders via unconstitutional, compelled speech.

Despite many legitimate reasons for people carrying legal concealed firearms, the irony of this bill is clear, and would not be lost on the public. While one of the safest segments of our state (background checked, and finger printed concealed carry holders) will be forced to speak about their status as such; convicted criminals, sex offenders, murders, drug addicts, individuals with restraining/protective orders, the mentally insane, undocumented aliens, and those with communicable diseases will not bear the same burden.

A clearly slippery slope, SB 6415 creates an Orwellian reality where nothing is private, and nothing is sacred – not even your freedom to speak freely, your privacy, nor your right to self-protection.

In addition, disclosing you have a legally concealed firearm runs counter to the very purpose of concealing it in the first place and could cause undue confusion, panic, and unwarranted alarm from those not familiar with guns—added to the fact it may also alert possible criminal actors that needn’t know.

Furthermore, SB 6415 fails to make property owners financially liable for injury and death that may occur to disarmed concealed carry licensees in these “gun free zones.”

Tell your representative that you strongly oppose SB 6415 and send them an email today!