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Senate Bill 1177 – just a few months ago an Education Code bill – would make it a crime to apply for the otherwise lawful purchase of a constitutionally protected firearm more than once a month. This bill is a case study of what happens when opportunistic legislators don’t have any real rules (or ethics). SB 1177 would create an artificial market cap on the very enumerated instruments protected by the United States Constitution.

What’s next—a criminal statute to limit Californians to buying no more than one book per month? While illustrative, it’s not very funny to think about; with dozens of authoritarian legislators like and including Senator Portanino, that 1984-esque scenario is plausible. Indeed, that ideology presents itself in this very bill.

The bottom line is that SB 1177 would not improve public safety—but that’s not what the bill is about in the first place. The sky is blue, the sun sets in the west, and SB 1177 is yet another ego and animus-driven bill to put Senator Portanino’s name in bold print on yet another bill to attack the right to keep and bear arms.

SB 1177 is a sneaky, unethical "gut-and-amend" that would prohibit ALL Californians from purchasing more than 1 firearm within a 30-day period. 

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