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2348 -- the "Massachusetts Bump-Stock Ban " -- is one of the most insane pieces of legislation ever brought forward in Massachusetts. It redefines "machine gun" to include devices that are NOT firearms.

This bill could easily ban virtually any device, part, or accessory -- including OEM parts that have been refined or machined by a licensed gunsmith -- that regulators or law enforcement believes could, as the measure states, "...has the effect of altering the performance of a firearm, rifle or shotgun to create or simulate or approximate the fire rate of a fully automatic weapon"

Think aftermarket trigger parts. Think aftermarket springs. What exactly is the simulated "rate of fire" that is too much? On what gun? This awful bill must be stopped.

* We don't have the entire language yet or the actual bill number. This is a "docket" number. We will update when that changes.

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