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This bill would create new problems and bureaucracy, but offers few benefits to law-abiding Americans, gun owners, or society at large. FixNICS, as it is currently conceptualized, will result in potentially millions of Americans being reported as “prohibited” and legally ineligible, possibly erroneously, and largely based on administrative decisions, outdated federal eligibility statutes that pre- date D.C. v. Heller, and a growing list of state and local gun control laws. A 2013 DOJ report revealed that nearly one-quarter of all NICS denials are appealed and over one-third of all denials that are appealed are reversed. This is strong evidence that many of those denied by NICS are not actually prohibited at all. 

Law-abiding American gun owners want to see strong carry reciprocity legislation passed—not the flawed FixNICS.

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