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  • Proposed Ordinance: Requires firearms in residences to be in a locked safe or on person.
  • Position: Strongly Opposed
  • Proposers: Arcata City Council

The City of Arcata, California's firearm ordinance will be voted on TONIGHT, so you must make your voice heard RIGHT NOW using our Grassroots Action tools below! 

The ordinance would mandate that "No person shall keep a firearm within any residence unless the firearm is stored in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock."

Concerned parties in the City of Arcata have noted the area has a very high crime rate, which includes armed robberies and homicide. 

And with that in mind, this ridiculous and restrictive measure would effectively make law-abiding gun owners less safe in their own homes by forcing them to store their defensive weapons locked away, or on their person. 

Unfortunately, these restrictions would not only apply to homes, but "any structure intended or used for human habitation." In other words, this absurd ordinance would also apply to condos, motels, hotels, and even recreational vehicles!

Finally, Arcata's proposed ordinance would come as a slap to the face of law-abiding gun owners by putting the government in charge of telling people where and how they can store their lawful property. 

This proposed ordinance MUST be stopped and THERE'S NO TIME TO WAIT!

Using FPC's Grassroots Action Form below, send a message to the Arcata City Council and tell them to vote NO on this misguided ordinance RIGHT NOW.