Bill/Issue: H.R. 167 - FFL Requirement for Gun Show Transfers

Position: Strongly Opposed

Sponsor: Rep. Al Green (D-TX-9)

Summary: Prohibits non-federally firearms licensed individuals from transferring firearms at gun shows.

This bill reaches well beyond the purview of Congress by modifying 18 U.S.C. § 922, making it illegal for an individual to transfer a firearm at a gun show unless they possess a federal firearms license (FFL), regardless of whether the transfer is intrastate, or whether the transfer is a singular, private transaction beyond the scope of current federal law. 

H.R. 167 includes a sweeping definition of “gun show”, declaring it to be any event or function “held for the purpose of facilitating the commercial sale, transfer, or exchange of firearms” and “at which a firearm is displayed, exhibited, offered for sale, transfer, or exchange, or sold, transferred, or exchanged” and includes the entire premises being used, even the parking areas. Anyone prosecuted and convicted under this new legislation would be subject to a $10,000 fine per firearm, 1-2 years in prison, or both.

HR 167 represents an immediate danger to the right to keep and bear arms and MUST be defeated at all costs. As you know, the Senate is now under anti-gunner control. So this is a RED ALERT for gun owners!

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