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HB 4117 -- the "Illinois Bump Stock Ban" -- is one of a flurry of similar pieces legislation. This legislation that is overly broad, vague and could put many otherwise law-abiding residents in criminal jeopardy. 

This bill could easily ban virtually any device, part, or accessory -- including OEM parts that have been refined or machined by a licensed gunsmith -- that regulators or law enforcement believes could, as the measure states, "increase the rate of fire."

Think aftermarket trigger parts. Think aftermarket springs. This awful bill must be stopped.


*** UPDATE*** This measure was defeated on 10/26/2017 on the IL House Floor!

From the Chicago Tribune:

But opponents, including Rep. Jerry Costello, a Democrat from Downstate Smithton, called the bill too far-reaching because it would ban any modification that accelerates the rate of fire — such as changing a spring or replacing a trigger.

“I don’t view this as a bump stock ban, I view this as a ban on 40 to 50 percent of the guns in the state,” Costello said. His district includes the World Shooting Recreational Complex in Sparta.

Costello said the legislation would turn people who modify firearms to compete in shooting competitions into lawbreakers. Most lawmakers agreed with his side of the argument, rejecting the proposal by a 48-54 vote. "


Thanks to you, this measure was defeated. There are several other similar measures still alive in Illinois, so stay vigilant!