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  • Bill: Florida SB 7026 - Restriction and Confiscation of Firearms
  • Position: Strongly Opposed

The Florida Senate passed a bill that was designed to appease the gun control lobby. SB 7026 will deny law-abiding gun owners due process of law, and force the confiscation of firearms parts and accessories that are owned lawfully today by many Floridians, creating hundreds if not thousands of INSTANT FELONS!

What is happening right now in the Florida Legislature is as close as you can get to a Washington DC smokey backroom deal. This horrible bill is the result of combining a pro-gun bill which allows school employees to be armed in voluntary programs implemented by individual school boards and designed by local law enforcement, and a pure gun-control bill which bans "assault weapons", impose universal background checks, etc. - literally the litany of so-called "reasonable" restrictions.

The result is a "compromise" on your Second Amendment rights that we CANNOT support and MUST stop!

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