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  • Bill: CA AB 2497 - Tax on Sale, Storage, Use, and "Other Consumption" of Firearms and Ammo
  • Position: Strongly Opposed
  • Author: Asm. Jim Cooper (D-9)
  • FPC Legislative Alert

AB 2497 would have many adverse effects, but it most notably imposes an unspecified tax on the sale, storage, use, and "other consumption" of firearms and ammunition. 

The burden this would impose upon the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners is unquestionably daunting – and one that clearly cannot be even remotely compared to the DROS-related fee upheld in Bauer v. Becerra

By substantially increasing the purchase price, the percentage tax on the retail sales of firearms and ammunition at a rate consistent with retail sales of other goods would alone impede citizens’ right to obtain and keep firearms in lawful self-defense. But extending the taxation to essentially all activities associated with any use, and even the mere “storage,” of firearms and ammunition would inevitably work to severely burden these fundamental rights with costly expenses – penalties, really – for simply attempting to exercise the core right of self-defense and the corollary rights necessarily embodied within that right, including training and practice activities in lawful commerce. 

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