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  • Bill: CA AB 1903 - Prohibits Governments From Buying Back Guns Using Gift Cards From Firearm Retailers 
  • Position: Opposed Unless Amended
  • Author: Asm. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-80)
  • FPC's Letter of Opposition 

This bill promotes evidence-shredding "buyback" programs that threaten public safety, and prevents reimbursement with gift cards from gun-retailers. 

These events undermine California's more than 5,000 criminal laws and allow violent criminals and murderers to dispose of evidence. In addition, they get paid paid for doing so with no questions asked. 

In California, violent criminals and murders can simply walk up to a buyback event and hand over firearms that they may not own, may have stolen, may not lawfully possess, or may have used in serious crimes, without any fear of being identified, investigated, or prosecuted by law enforcement. 

The perverse incentives created by such buybacks are not only counter-productive, but also irrational. 

This bill should be amended to either proscribe entirely the wasteful use of public resources in gun buyback programs, or, at the very least, ensure that "gun buyback" programs do not result in criminals getting paid to dispose of evidence. 

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