Bill/Issue: The Virginia Plan to Reduce Gun Violence Act of 2020

Position: Opposed

Author: Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine

Summary: Would enact the same anti-gun measures adopted by Virginia earlier this year, including Gun Confiscation Orders, Gun Rationing, Universal Background Checks, and more. 

Tyrant lawmakers are trying to federalize Virginia-style gun control with the introduction of a new Senate bill. This legislation would:

  • Create a national gun registry by mandating Universal Background Checks
  • Federalize abusive gun confiscation by enacting Gun Violence Restraining Orders
  • Ration your guns by restricting you to purchasing just one handgun in a 30-day period
  • Criminalize failure to report lost or stolen firearms within the period deemed acceptable by the Government
  • And expand those who the Government can label as "prohibited" and thus deny them their fundamental rights

This year has been a DISASTER for Virginia gun owners, and now tyrant politicians like Senators Warner and Kaine want to force the same anti-gun garbage down your throats. We HAVE to stop them!

Please help FPC shut down this unconstitutional legislation IMMEDIATELY by contacting the Senate. Tell them to vote NO on "The Virginia Plan to Reduce Gun Violence Act of 2020!"