Position: Strongly opposed

Author: NY State Sen. James Sanders Jr. (D-10)

Summary: Would require a mental health evaluation prior to the purchase of any firearm.

  • Would put doctors in charge of who can buy a gun
  • Would establish an abusive "administrative process" for denying potentially millions of New Yorkers their rights
  • Would effectively create a mass gun ban under the guise of "public safety" and "mental health"

S7065 is a blatant attempt to prohibit as many New Yorkers from purchasing firearms as possible. By giving doctors, a majority of whom are anti-gun, power over who can own a gun, the State of New York is essentially proposing a stealth gun ban.

What's more, S7065 would require gun owners to submit to a mental health evaluation prior to EVERY purchase of a firearm. This absurd and hostile requirement would be burdensome and potentially costly.

Disturbingly, S7065 would also open the door for the State to further harass and deny you your other rights. Indeed, should a physician deny you a firearms purchase, that doctor is essentially labeling you mentally unfit.

Meaning the next time you go to buy a gun, you could be setting yourself up for a "Red Flag" order that could send the SWAT team to your door.

It is not an exaggeration to say that S7065 could end the Second Amendment for all intents and purposes in the State of New York. This bill is just that bad.

Therefore, we urge you to contact Sen. Sanders using our Take Action form below IMMEDIATELY and let him know that you oppose his unconstitutional, anti-gun bill.