Bill/Issue: The California government has granted itself even more confiscatory powers to crack down on guns during the covid-19 crisis and extended temporary "Red Flag" gun confiscation 3 months past their expiration date.

Position: Strongly Opposed

Sponsors: California 

Summary: Tyrant AG Becerra announced in a guidance document that all ex parte "Red Flag" gun seizures would:

  • Extend temporary "Red Flag" seizures to 110 days
  • Allow any law enforcement officer to request a Gun Violence Restraining Order or Domestic Violence Restraining Order day or night
  • Prohibit you from possessing or purchasing a firearm or ammunition
  • Force you to give up any guns or ammunition you possess
  • Violate your constitutionally protected right to due process
  • Violate your constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms
  • All of this, without proving you ever committed a crime

And now the Government is saying they can keep your guns even longer.... without your Constitutionally mandated due process. In less than two months, the State of California has bullied gun stores into closing, delayed the NICS background check system to slow the sale of guns, and now expanded the already dangerous right seizure and gun confiscation scheme (Red Flag Laws). The already lawless and authoritarian regime in California is becoming more unrestrained by the day, and we've got to stop them!

Read more about the State of California's attack on your rights:

California Attorney General Becerra's Guidance Doc 

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