Bill/Issue: NY S. 7763-A -

Position: Opposed

Author: Brad Hoylman (D-27)

Summary: S.7763-A is the "toughest ban on Ghost Guns" in the country, according to New York lawmakers. 

This bills seeks to create tough new statewide laws on firearms without serial numbers such as those commonly built by gun owners in their homes. Additionally, it would make the simple act of fitting together the component parts of a firearm a crime for anyone who is not a licensed gunsmith.

Under this bill, the manufacture or assembly of a firearm, rifle, or shotgun would be banned by anyone other than a licensed gunsmith. Furthermore, the bill would also create a crime for the possession of an unserialized firearm by anyone other than a licensed gunsmith.

Also included in S.77630A is an illegal possession section. Possession of a "ghost gun" without the proper licensure would be a Class D felony– the same as penalty for robbery and manslaughter– that carries a penalty of up to 5 years in prison. Illegal production would be a Class C felony, the same penalty for assault and drug distribution, and carries up to 10 years in prison.

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