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S 1413 is a direct violation of the First, Second and Fourth Amendments.

This bill would mandate your consent to having your social media accounts investigated by a government bureaucrat when applying to own or carry a firearm. Furthermore, you would have to sign under penalty of perjury that your accounts have not been modified in any way (ie posts deleted) in the past 60 days.

Once “consent” is given to the government, a bureaucrat would search the past 3 years of your social media history for any instances of:

“(i) excessive discriminatory content; or (ii) content that is likely to incite or produce a violent action in or towards others.”

This would effectively allow Big Brother, a.k.a. The Empire State, to deny you your Second Amendment rights for almost ANY REASON…

This is arguably one of the worst pieces of legislation to ever be introduced in the U.S. Please help us STOP this insanity by using our free grassroots tools below.