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No person that participates in terrorism should be allowed to acquire or possess firearms.

However, if a person is free enough to walk our streets, they should not be denied fundamental human rights due to their potentially erroneous presence on secret government lists.

A 514, authored by Rep. Abinati, is the antithesis to the above.

It allows government bureaucrats in a distant office complex to deny the fundamental rights of an individual because their name ended up on a secret watch list.

How did their name end up there? Nobody knows.

How can someone see if their name is on the list? You can’t until attempt to fly, or, if this bill is signed into law, you try to purchase a firearm.

Can you have your name removed? Nope.

It basically comes down to this: Your right to purchase a firearm will be immediately suspended because somebody in Washington D.C. thinks you shouldn’t have one.

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