Bill/Issue: HR 1454Treats Firearm Assembly Kits As Actual Guns

Author: Rep. Andriano Espaillat (D-NY)

Summary: Would amend title 18, United States Code, to require firearm assembly kits to be considered to be firearms.

Although full text is not yet available for this just-introduced legislation, it's clear that HR 1454 is a vicious attack on the RKBA. By defining firearm assembly kits as firearms, the government is opening the door to attacks on 80% lowers, home builds, and parts like stocks & aftermarket triggers.

One need only look to California and its regulation of "firearms precursor parts" to see where Rep. Espaillat could go with this anti-gun bill. HR 1454 would likely cripple home builds and strip you of your right to assemble firearms in the privacy of your home. 

Indeed, HR 1454 can also be seen as a backdoor gun registry. Imagine having to register every trigger, spring and frame in your possession. Worse, this legislation could be paired with HR 125, which if signed into law would institute a 7-day federal waiting period on guns. 

In other words, you could end up having to not only transfer firearms parts to an FFL prior to taking possession of your property, but you could end up having to endure a 7-day waiting period on every common spring and hunk of metal due to the government's new classification of "firearms."

The fact of the matter is classifying "parts" as a firearm opens the door to massive abuses ranging from registration to gun rationing and more. It must therefore be opposed, and we need your help to stop this legislation from advancing.

Please fill out FPC's Take Action form below and contact Congress. Tell them to vote NO on HR 1454!