Bill/Position: Gun control package unveiled by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)

Position: Opposed

Summary: Requires NICS checks at gun shows, allows for extended retention of NICS data, mandates "Smart Guns," forces gun owners to obtain liability insurance

HR 127 may be the rights-ending Gunpocalypse of 2021, but NY Rep. Carolyn Maloney recently unveiled a 'kinder, gentler' gun control package of bills that could be equally dangerous to the Second Amendment. The package includes:

HR 1005Requires that NICS records are held onto for at least 90 days. And if you think the government will delete them after 90 days, think again.

HR 1004Requires every gun owner to purchase a firearm liability insurance policy and provide proof of that policy before purchasing a firearm.

HR 1008Would mandate the implementation of so-called "Smart Gun" technology on handguns that effectively hands the government a killswitch for your guns. 

HR 1006Would require NICS checks at gun shows. This is yet another ridiculous attempt at registration.

HR 1007This ridiculous bill would make it a crime to ship or transport a firearm in a manner that would be considered criminal. So HR 1007 essentially makes it a crime to commit a crime!

The above legislation is made to seem "reasonable" and perhaps even "innocuous," but this could not be further from the truth. Should these bills pass, the government will have a stealth registry of your guns, be able to tax your Second Amendment rights, and even disable your firearms remotely. 

Unfortunately, the presentation of these bills raises the possibility of Republican support from weak & feckless representatives. That's why we need your help today to contact Congress and inform our politicians that they must vote NO on these unconstitutional proposals. 

Please do that NOW by using FPC's Take Action form below. Tell Congress to REJECT these sinister attempts to trick the people into supporting new & insidious gun control!