UPDATE: SB 118 has been signed by the Governor

Bill/Issue: CA SB 118 - Expands Definition of an "Assault Weapon"

Position: Opposed

Author: Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review

Summary: Sneaks anti-gun language into budget bill that would expand the definition of an "Assault Weapon."

California is at it again! The Legislature has reconvened early and will consider SB 118 - another budget bill the tyrants are amending to sneak in gun control provisions without the public's awareness. These amendments, which mirror those made to AB 88 earlier this year, would expand the definition of so-called "Assault Weapons" and expedite regulation of firearm precursor parts. Immediate action is required to stop the Legislature from voting to advance this anti-gun legislation.

Please use the form below to contact the California Legislature and let them know you OPPOSE SB 118!