The best way to stop a bad gun with a gun is a good guy with a gun. There's no other way to put it.

Via Newsmax:

The next mass shooting or terrorist attack is always just around the corner. With that in mind, I will state some facts about the next horrible occurrence that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. These same facts are reported after every shooting event, but that repetition is somehow not recognized or acknowledged by the media, the anti-gun crowd, or politicians scrambling and vying for the spotlight.

“The gun was purchased legally or acquired illegally.”

In either case, no law short of outright banning will prevent firearms from getting into the hands of these murderers. If the person had no criminal background, no existing law has stopped him/her from getting a gun. If the gun was stolen or purchased illegally, no existing law managed to stop it and no new law will stop it from happening again. (Can you make a crime "more illegaler"?)

“The gunman broke laws.”

The “no duh” of all the statements made after a tragedy.

“It was (probably) in a gun free zone.”

One of the truly meaningless attempts to stop tragedies that was ever devised. Politicians and governments (local, state, and federal) think that an armed gunman, intent on mayhem and murder, will somehow be deterred by a sign warning that they, in most instances, will be guilty of a mere misdemeanor.

“The modern-day weapon used is extremely effective.”

Every product ever created by man is continuously redesigned and refined to perform more efficiently. Why wouldn’t that fact prove true for firearms as well? Manufacturers want the competitive edge to sell their products. Continuously improving their brand’s weapon to make it more accurate, effective or operable would provide that advantage.

“The gunman was stopped when an armed person posed a threat.”

Time and time again, we are presented with examples that only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun, yet that fact is continuously suppressed and challenged by the left. Armed citizens using firearms to defend themselves or their families rarely makes the national news. Even though almost every mass shooting or terrorism incident ends with the bad guy getting shot (either by first responders or himself when he sees someone else with a gun), liberals and Democrats constantly challenge armed citizens’ ability to carry a gun by proposing new laws or regulations.

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