The City Council of Philadelphia is considering banning bulletproof windows... all in the name of social justice.

Via the New York Post:

Who ever thought the progressive position on gun violence would be to encourage more of it?

Yet that’s the paradox in Philadelphia, where on Thursday the city council will consider a bill to force owners of hundreds of small corner stores to take down glass partitions that protect their managers and clerks from being robbed and assaulted.

It’s all being rationalized in the name of social justice. Watch for the idea to show up in New York, too.

Philadelphia has hundreds of convenience stores known as “stop and gos.” Some are licensed as restaurants, which lets them sell beer and shots for consumption on premises, but means they’re supposed to have 30 seats and serve food. Critics say many skirt those rules, making most of their money from beer, cigarettes and packaged snacks. They have drawn fire from neighborhood-improvement commissions as magnets for petty sidewalk offenses like loitering and the sale of “loosie” cigarettes.

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