Bill/Issue: MT HB 102 - Expansion of Carry Rights

Status: Signed on 2/18/21

Author: Representative Seth Berglee (R-HD58)

Position: Support

Summary: Montana's HB 102 would improve the ability of Montanans to provide for their own defense by reducing unconstitutional carry restrictions across the state.

1/15 UPDATE: The bill has passed Montana's House and is now moving to the Senate!

HB 102 would allow Montanans to carry a gun in the state without first having to obtain a permit. 

HB 102 also has teeth, allowing individuals to bring suit against state employees should they choose to violate the right of individuals to possess firearms for self-defense. This discourages rogue localities from subverting the will of the Montana Legislature and ensures statewide consistency, which means that Montanans will not have to second-guess whether they are required to be disarmed in these locations.

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