Just like what happened with music downloads. History repeats itself...

Via Motherboard: 

We are in the midst of a belated moral and legal panic about homemade, 3D-printed guns that will likely do nothing besides make them more popular.

Nine state attorneys general filed a lawsuit Monday against the Trump administration and Defense Distributed, an Austin, Texas company that uploads designs for 3D-printed guns to its website (the gun designs are free, but it sells the “Ghost Gunner” tabletop gun-milling machine.)

The lawsuit seeks to prevent Defense Distributed from distributing CAD designs for homemade guns or from selling the Ghost Gunner.

This is happening because, in 2015, Defense Distributed and its founder, Cody Wilson, sued the Department of Justice after the US government demanded that the company remove its 3D-printed gun designs from its website. Last month, Wilson and Defense Distributed reached a settlement with the DOJ that allows them to resume distributing their files legally; this latest lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order that would remove the files from the internet and seeks to more broadly prevent the distribution of the files.

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