Michigan Governor Rick Snyder says as of now he has no plans to sign pro-gun legislation in Michigan. Urge him to do otherwise

Via Michigan Live:

Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed a bill that would have allowed concealed guns in schools in 2012, and a rekindled discussion on it hasn't changed his position.

The Michigan Senate on Wednesday passed legislation to allow people to carry concealed weapons in traditionally gun-free zones like bars, stadiums and schools.

Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive, has noted there are differences between what went to the governor in 2012 and what the Senate passed Wednesday.

But the governor said he didn't see any real change from what he already vetoed.

"I haven't really changed my position. I'm always open to talking about topics and I always look at bills as they come to my desk. But again, I don't see any real change from where we were," Snyder said.

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