Another city changes its laws after a lawsuit from 2A advocates.

Via the Miami New Times:

For nearly five decades, the law in North Miami Beach has been clear: If you want to open a gun store, you must set up shop in the industrial areas of the city.

But that long-standing rule is about to change. After code enforcement cited a business for selling guns in a shopping plaza on NE 167th Street, the owners sued the city for violating state law. In late December, North Miami Beach commissioners approved a $12,000 settlement with the gun store, Glatze Militum, and agreed to roll back local firearm regulations.

"This is the first [city] we’ve had to sue over a zoning ordinance," says Eric Friday, an attorney for Florida Carry, a gun-rights group that sued along with Glatze. "They were trying to treat gun stores, which are selling an item every American has the right to own under the Constitution, as a heavy industrial business or something akin to strip clubs and tattoo parlors."

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