They're not alone... 

Via Merced Sun Star:

New gun regulations headed to the state Assembly this week were met with contempt from gun enthusiasts in Merced County.

A package of bills made it through the Assembly Public Safety Committee on Tuesday, moving a step closer to the prohibition of “bullet buttons” and semi-automatic rifles with a removable clip. The bills also would limit purchases to one gun per buyer every 30 days, which would treat long guns the same as pistols.

“That’s not where the problems are,” Joey Verna, a gun shop owner, said Thursday. “It’s not the law-abiding people causing the problems.”

Verna, who owns Stage Stop Gun Shop stores in Atwater and Mariposa, noted the 30-day period between purchases extends to any gun shop in the state but not to sales between private owners.

The new regulations would not only affect his right to own the guns, he said, but as a store owner it could hurt his bottom line.

“They’re always trying to make it harder and harder on the gun dealers,” he said. “It would definitely hurt.”

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