SB 387 was heard this week. It will be brought up for a vote soon. 

Via Las Vegas Review-Journal:

It may be easier to keep firearms out of the hands of people in Nevada who are considered to be a risk to themselves or their family members.

Senate Bill 387 would allow a law enforcement officer or an immediate family member to seek a civil court order that would keep the person from having firearms in their possession. The measure would not require the person to be arrested before taking their firearms, but they would have to show a pattern of either threats, or violent acts.

Sen. Julia Ratti, D-Sparks, a sponsor of the bill, said the intent is to be a tool for law enforcement and be used only “when there is a clear and present danger that needs to be addressed.”

...Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson, R-Henderson, said he was concerned the bill was overly broad and may infringe on Second Amendment and due process rights.

He compared the bill to “Minority Report,” a futuristic 2002 Tom Cruise film with law enforcement officers who arrested people before they commit murders because their crimes were predicted.

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