Squirt-gun emojis might get the ban hammer next. 

Via the Liberty Park Press: 

An elementary school administrator in Ohio might just have the “pal” unceremoniously omitted from “principal”, as the anti-fun and self-appointed mawkish justice league promoting victimhood, anonymously sent several complaints to a local newspaper, in response to the traditional end of the school year soak fest.

Not surprisingly, staff from the news outlet decided to create a narrative around the negative comments, even though the school board did not receive any formal feedback from parents as to the presence of loaded squirt-guns on campus and the subsequent fun frenzied celebration to mark the end of another school year, and the beginning of Summer. Unfortunately, the audacity of the reporter and editor in taking a no-holds-barred approach to demonizing any object resembling a firearm, is simply another example of a reactionary overcorrection by the left in creating a false narrative to further an agenda.

According to The News, people will complain about anything and everything, as an unidentified staff member at the school painted a chaotic picture of panic and incessant emotional meltdowns, as the principal brazenly swept through hallways and classrooms and sprayed staff and students with water from eight fully loaded squirt-guns. The anonymous educator claimed that the incident terrorized students, and was upset that colleagues were also victims of the attack. In response to the allegations of reckless malfeasance, the head of the school district confirmed that no concerns or complaints were received from parents in the aftermath of the “Rambo” style H2O assault. This reality removes all credibility from the alleged commentators, and the lack of identifying sources squarely points to the article being a figurative and literal hit piece.

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