Calif. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, in a recent interview about his role in the Gunpocalypse process, admitted that he secretly lobbied Governor Jerry Brown for his support in signing the anti-gun bills. Rendon was aided by Senator Kevin “Ghost Gun” De Leon.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

In June, after 49 people were shot to death in an Orlando, Fla., nightclub, Rendon was one of a small group of lawmakers who attended a rally by the group Moms Demand Action on the steps of the Capitol to call for tougher laws.

One potential obstacle was Gov. Jerry Brown, who had vetoed gun control bills in the past on grounds they did not improve public safety enough to justify taking away privileges of law-abiding gun owners.

Amid concerns over the prospects of the new batch of state bills regulating guns, Rendon and Senate Leader Kevin de León secretly met behind closed doors with Brown on the day of the rally to make their case.

Two days later, Brown signed seven bills.

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