Chip In $10

Of course he is! 


President Obama has proven, once again, that he’s the greatest gun salesman in America.

Obama’s call for more gun control has accelerated the recent surge in gun sales that began last month with the mass shooting in San Bernardino that claimed 14 lives.

“Tremendous, literally tremendous,” said Bob Irwin, owner of The Gun Store in Las Vegas, shortly after Obama delivered a speech on expanding background checks. “It started with San Bernardino but Obama has just added to it. We can’t keep guns in stock. Some of our major wholesalers are basically out of all the stuff that sells.”

Irwin said his gun sales have doubled in the last two weeks. He said 90% of all sales are handguns “that they can grab with one hand and defend themselves,” but he has also “sold a few of what they call assault rifles.”

He believes the “absolute random” nature of the San Bernardino massacre is what freaked people out and drove them to buy guns for self-protection.

“Everybody’s vulnerable,” said Irwin. “You didn’t have to go the wrong place at the wrong time to get murdered,” he said. “It was like the Paris attacks, but here [in the U.S.]”

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