Refreshing to hear after the last 8 years... 


President Donald Trump’s nominee for surgeon general was questioned about gun violence during a confirmation hearing Tuesday and did his best to separate guns and gun owners from the violence caused by those who misuse them.

At a hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee, Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., grilled Dr. Jerome Adams, asking what he would do as surgeon general about the gun violence in America and how he would address it as a public health problem. The question caused a moment of tension, as former surgeon general Dr. Vivek Murphy’s confirmation was delayed for a year due to his support for gun-control laws.

Adams, Indiana’s state health commissioner, started off by saying that he owns a gun and he often treats gunshot victims.

“I am a gun owner and I have my lifetime gun permit,” he said. “I also work in a level one trauma center, took care of a gentleman last week who was shot six times. I see it each and every day.

He then attempted to respond directly to Murphy’s question, arguing that guns and gun owners should be separated in the discussion about the gun violence plaguing cities around the country.

“I think you have to start by separating the tool from the perpetrator,” Adams said. “Cars are not a public health problem. Car accidents are a public health problem. Guns and gun owners aren’t inherently a public health problem, but the violence that results absolutely is.”

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