Terrible news... 

Via Guns.com:

A bill that would broaden the pool of those who could seek an order from the court to seize a person’s guns is headed to California’s Assembly floor.

Introduced into the legislature in February, the move to expand who could file for a gun violence restraining order (GVRO) in the state passed the Public Safety Committee in a 4-2 vote last week.

Second Amendment groups such as the Firearms Policy Coalition, National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of California, who have long felt the orders were a dangerous pathway to gun confiscation without delivering any promise of treatment for someone in legitimate crisis, are opposed to the expansion.

“Gun owners are being targeted for harassment in AB 2607 by virtually anyone they are connected to; disgruntled former colleagues or anti-gun college professors – but what is truly disturbing is that AB 2607 goes so far as to discourage gun-owners from seeking counseling or therapy – for fear of being raided by police and losing their gun rights,” said Craig DeLuz, director of Legislative & Public Affairs for the Firearms Policy Coalition, in a statement emailed to Guns.com. “This bill causes a serious breach of trust between patients and healthcare professionals as well as students and instructors.”

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