Montana's Governor is content to leave you defenseless when you go to eat with your family... 


Montana Gov. Steve Bullock vetoed and sent a bill back to lawmakers Friday that would have allowed lawful gun owners to carry concealed firearms in restaurants that serve alcohol.

In his amendatory veto of House Bill 494, Bullock said, “Montanans recognize that guns and alcohol in public places don’t mix.”

The measure would have allowed concealed guns to be carried in places where alcohol was not the main product for sale.

Bullock said the proposal would create uncertainty as to exactly which establishments would allow patrons to carry concealed weapons and said his amendments would only allow concealed firearms to be carried in restaurants where alcohol is not served.

“Establishments that serve alcohol are often gathering places in Montana,” Bullock said. ” It is not uncommon for a bar to also serve food and for family restaurants to also serve alcohol. HB 494 introduces uncertainty for both concealed weapon permit holders and bar and restaurant owners about which rules apply in which establishments.”

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