The anti-gunners never stop working on ways to eviscerate the Second Amendment.


Gun control groups Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety rallied more than 200 activists Tuesday to march at the Texas Capitol in Austin.

The activists came in droves to lobby against recent proposals in the Texas House of Representatives that would loosen gun restrictions in the state. The groups held speeches on the steps of the capitol building and then headed inside to try and speak to their lawmakers.

According to KVUE – ABC News, Moms Demand Action spokesperson Alexandra Chasse said that she respected the Second Amendment but had grave concerns about recent bills that had been proposed.

“The laws that are proposed here today would put dangerous hands one step closer to being able to carry in more places and that’s why we’re here today,” Chasse said. “Responsible gun owners, the majority of Americans and the majority of gun owners understand that common sense solutions are the right ones for making American safer.”

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