We already have the West Coast Wall of Gun Control. Now we have the Eastern Bloc... 

Via Guns.com:

A quartet of Democratic governors known for favoring increased regulations on firearms formed “States for Gun Safety” this week with an aim towards cooperating on gun control efforts.

Govs. Andrew Cuomo of New York, Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, Phil Murphy of New Jersey, and Gina Raimondo of Rhode Island announced on Thursday they had entered into a memo of understanding “in the face of repeated federal inaction” to take on the subject of gun control with a regional approach.

Among the aims of the coalition is to establish a multi-state background check database, trace and intercept guns across state lines, and contribute to combined research into an “epidemic” of gun violence as a public health concern.

“Gun violence is not a New Jersey problem, or a New York problem, or a problem for any particular state or region – it is a national problem,” Murphy said in a joint statement. “However, we cannot wait for Congress to act. As states, we must work together to take the steps and enact the measures to protect our residents and our communities. But, even more importantly, a collective of states can take these steps together broaden the reach and impact of commonsense gun safety laws.”

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