Still think gun control groups aren't having an influence in traditionally gun-friendly states?


Gun control groups welcomed news that Wisconsin’s avowedly pro-Second Amendment governor may be unreceptive to a constitutional carry bill.

Gov. Scott Walker stopped short of endorsing SB 169, a measure introduced with the support of 40 state Republicans which would keep in place the state’s concealed carry permitting system for those who want it while making it optional for those who want to carry without a license. As the measure drew attention at public hearings in a Senate committee last week, Walker said he was happy with the current law.

“I think it’s really important to assess where we’re at, which I think is good,” said Walker, as reported by the Wisconsin State Journal. “I didn’t like the fact that years ago we didn’t have concealed carry. We have it now. But I think it’s appropriate to have the license — the permit process a part of that.”

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