The anti-gun agenda suffers a setback in Connecticut. 


A House measure mandating those carrying a visible pistol or revolver to produce their gun permit at the request of law enforcement has died in committee.

The measure, HB 6200, was backed by several gun control groups and police lobby organizations but did not pass out of committee by the required April 7 deadline, effectively killing it for the current session.

Sponsors of the bill argued that having gun owners show their permits if they are carrying openly wasn’t an infringement of their rights and was just the cost of doing business.

“For firearms owners, it’s the basic cost of the privilege of carrying openly a firearm,” said Rep. William Tong (D), one of the sponsors of the legislation when it was introduced.

Tong’s bill would have deleted the requirement that law enforcement officers had to have reasonable suspicion of a crime to stop and check the gun permit of an individual openly carrying a handgun.

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