Chip In $10

Another victory for the Second Amendment! 


The Baltimore County Council on Monday voted to scrap its ban on electronic weapons following a federal lawsuit challenging the prohibition on Second Amendment grounds.

Meeting in Towson, the council voted unanimously to lift the local ordinance which promised to punish those caught with Tasers or stun guns up to a $1,000 fine or six months in jail. The measure comes as a response to a lawsuit filed by six area residents that took not only Baltimore County but the City of Baltimore and Howard County into federal court.

Baltimore County Attorney Michael Field filed a motion with the court last month seeking to dismiss their involvement with the case pending the adoption of the emergency ordinance at this week’s council meeting. The county did not dispute that Tasers and stun guns are protected arms under the Second Amendment citing a Massachusetts case, Caetano, that was kicked back the U.S. Supreme Court last spring...

...In the past week, the Firearms Policy Coalition and Firearms Policy Foundation sent legal letters to the cities of Westminster, Maryland; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Tacoma, Washington; and Wilmington, Delaware demanding they repeal their respective bans on electronic arms or face litigation. Other federal lawsuits against Taser restrictions have been filed in Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Washington D.C. in recent months.

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