The plan includes a literal ban on the Second Amendment rights of residents.


In the wake of a shooting that left one dead and three injured, the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District announced a plan that includes a zero tolerance policy for gun ownership.

On Sept. 12, Bobby Clayton, 20, described in local media reports as an innocent bystander, was fatally shot in the Gate City community that left three others inhured. While a suspect is in custody, the housing authority has since unveiled a multifaceted security plan to curb violence in the 14 public housing sites it manages through a blend of increased police patrols, a new public safety position, community interaction and an outright ban on guns.

“We’re willing to do whatever it takes to rid the community of crime and violence,” HABD President/CEO Michael Lundy told the Board of Commissioners last month. “As president and CEO it’s time to take extraordinary action to do whatever we can. I don’t care who gets upset with what we’re trying to do.”

Lundy’s plan for the authority’s 5,000 units would include more police presence and community engagement. This would be facilitated through a new director of public safety position who, once hired, would serve as a liaison between local authorities and residents.

Next would be a ban on firearms ownership enforced through lease agreements with tenants. Lundy said the authority would coordinate a gun “buyback” event to help promote the idea.

While the gun ban can be viewed as arbitrary and a potential violation of the Second Amendment rights of residents, Lundy is sticking to it.

“It’s time to take extreme measures to address these extreme issues,” he said.

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