A quick visit to the California Department of Justice’s (DOJ) website reveals a giant clock with a countdown for gun owners to register their "assault weapons".


Are you angry yet?! Are you sick of this yet?!

They’re mocking you! To your face!

These anti-gun bureaucrats have released a web of vague and complicated rules that could potentially put you under criminal liability and they’re now mocking California gun owners with a countdown clock???

When do we say enough is enough?

When do we stand up and fight back against the out of control CA government?

The time is now!

FPC is fighting these bureaucrats in court and we are pushing hard to overturn these ridiculous regulations and stop them from ever getting implemented!

We're calling on all patriots and lovers of liberty to help us win our lawsuit against this anti-gun agency and stop the attack on the Second Amendment!

The hell with these bureaucrats.

We won’t be mocked by paper pushers sitting at some desk in Sacramento who think that they can determine what rights you can and can’t have.

I mean a countdown clock?! Really??? Gun owners in California are struggling to figure out what the law even says and CA DOJ has set up a countdown clock???

Who do they think they are?!

They’re laughing at you to your face.

When do YOU stand up and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH?!

Join FPC in fighting CA DOJ RIGHT NOW and hold these anti-gun elitists accountable and help overturn these ridiculous “bullet button” regulations!