Gov. Kemp continues the positive trend of pro-civil rights expansion by joining eight other state governors who chose individual liberty over tyranny during the past two years


ATLANTA (April 12, 2022) – Firearms Policy Coalition issued the following statement in response to Governor Brian Kemp signing Senate Bill 319. Effective immediately, the law removes concealed carry permit requirements for adults 21 years of age or older who are not otherwise prohibited from owning a firearm. Under this new law, the existing system remains optional for residents who still want to have a permit.

While tyrants at the local, state, and federal levels regurgitate tired and disproven arguments in their efforts to eviscerate the Second Amendment, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has chosen to advance liberty by signing permitless carry legislation passed by state lawmakers of both houses earlier this month. The FPC-supported Senate Bill 319 rightfully eliminates the unconstitutional permit requirement for people to carry concealed or open, and codifies the inalienable, natural right to defend one’s life. 

FPC applauds Gov. Kemp for his leadership in making Georgia the 25th state to pass legislation returning the natural right to keep and bear arms to the People. We also thank the Georgia lawmakers who courageously stood for liberty and the rights of individuals, specifically the bill’s authors, Sen. Jason Anavitarte and Rep. Mandi Ballinger. Along with the three other states which have passed similar permitless carry legislation in 2022 (Alabama, Ohio, and Indiana), Georgia has proven instrumental in the fight to restore the fundamental human right to self-defense.

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