Via Fresno Bee:

Some employees at Kingsburg Joint Union High School District could soon be allowed to carry guns on campus.

The school board is considering approving a policy that would allow some employees to possess firearms and ammunition on school grounds. Under the policy, Superintendent Randy Morris would designate which employees with concealed weapon permits can bring their guns to school.

Morris can grant permission to carry a concealed firearm to a maximum of five district employees at any given time, according to the policy. The small, one-school district enrolls about 1,200 students.

Designated employees would have to complete a training approved by Morris, and their discipline record, evaluations and school conduct would also be considered, the policy says.

“I think it’s important that we look at all ways to protect our kids. Really what it amounts to is getting a policy in place to give ourselves the option to protect them,” Morris said Wednesday. “I am a proponent of the Second Amendment, and I’m also the biggest proponent of protecting the kids.”

The policy was first introduced earlier this week and is expected to be approved at a school board meeting next month.

“All five board members have expressed their desire to pursue this,” Morris said. “The law allows us to do this, and we are going to put a policy in place that is compliant with the law. People have opinions on how they feel about the Second Amendment and how they feel about that at school, and they have the right to feel whichever way they do. Our goal isn’t to change people’s opinions. It’s not about politics.”

A state law introduced last year prohibits concealed-weapon permit owners from bringing guns on school campuses unless they have permission from the superintendent.

Morris pointed to Folsom Cordova Unified, in Folsom, as an example of a public school district that has adopted a similar policy.

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