SACRAMENTO, CA (September 13, 2018) — Firearms Policy Coalition announced today that it has published new information to help California gun owners understand how to acquire ammunition and have it shipped directly to their door. FPC also published a joint memorandum and open letter to ammunition sellers, including “mail order” and Internet based retailers, and a comparison of Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Proposition 63 and Senator Kevin de Leon’s SB 1235, both passed in 2016. All of the materials can be accessed on FPC’s website at

“Obviously, the gun control laws in California are beyond burdensome and unconstitutional,” said FPC Spokesperson Craig DeLuz. “The goal here is to educate people on what the laws are and how to maximize access to ammunition as the rules continue to change between now and the end of 2019.”

The memorandum and letter to ammunition suppliers, co-signed by FPC President Brandon Combs and outside counsel George M. Lee, who is also a competitive shooter in the Bay Area, said that until courts strike down more gun control laws, “it is exceedingly important for individuals, manufacturers, and retailers to know and understand how to legally maximize utilization of the laws in order to maintain the most open market possible.” Also notable is the first-of-its-kind comparison of Proposition 63, Senate Bill 1235, and the statutes as the Legislative Counsel established in the official California Legislative Information website (

“What’s stunning, when you look at the statutes this way,” DeLuz commented, referring to the comparison, “is how the Legislature passed a bill before Proposition 63 was voted on that, according to the State, repealed parts of an initiative passed by the voters before it was even voted on. And apparently DOJ is using SB 1235, rather than Proposition 63. Poor Gavin Newsom never had a chance against Democrats like Senator de Leon.”

But, explained DeLuz, the law is less than clear. “In the DOJ’s defense against the two ‘large-capacity magazine’ lawsuits, they say that Proposition 63 prevailed against the bill, in that case SB 1446, because it was the later-enacted law. Never mind that both versions of the law are certified as active right now. California is never short on crazy.”

“Ultimately, while we and others work to defend the Constitution and restore individual liberty, we want to help ammunition sellers and legally eligible buyers know what they can do under the laws to keep getting ammunition shipped to their doors,” concluded DeLuz.

The memo and open letter to ammunition sellers is available at The comparison of Proposition 63 and SB 1235 is available at

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