SACRAMENTO (November 9, 2016) — Today, Firearms Policy Coalition and its Stop Prop 63 campaign committee Director of Legislative and Public Affairs Craig DeLuz released the following statement.

The passage of California Proposition 63 and other anti-civil rights ballot measures across the country following tens of millions of dollars of signature buying and mainstream media-fueled propaganda shows that the democratic process is for sale to the highest bidder. Indeed, democracy in California and other states has been hijacked by radicalized millionaires who prey on uninformed voters and the extraordinary representation gap between well-heeled elitists and the people subject to their policy preferences.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s depraved attack on civil rights in Proposition 63 was overwhelmingly funded by millions of dollars in contributions from the California Democratic Party, public employee unions, progressive industry associations, and a handful of leftist social engineers.

The opposition to Proposition 63, on the other hand, was made up of thousands upon thousands of honest and law-abiding working-class Californians from all walks of life who value freedom and civil rights.

And while the wealthy, power-hungry interests behind Proposition 63 were temporarily successful in their ballot campaign to turn good people into criminals, the fight is far from over.

We and our supporters are unwavering in our commitment to continue fighting Proposition 63 using every legal means available. Law-abiding people who believe in the fundamental nature of Second Amendment rights will stand together and move forward in the fierce battle to defend individual liberties from the iron grip of wealthy constitutional terrorists.

Following the historic election of Donald J. Trump, we look forward to challenging Proposition 63 and many other extreme gun control laws in federal courts that respect the original public meaning of our great Constitution and the unambiguous text, history, and tradition of the Second Amendment.

We are forever grateful to everyone in the grassroots community who supported the efforts to take on Goliath and oppose Proposition 63 through their generous financial contributions and old-fashioned hard work.