Recently, some have deliberately mischaracterized recent comments on FPC’s social media—which were intended to argue how all humans, and certainly those in the United States, have constitutionally protected natural and procedural rights—to cast our organization in a negative light. To address the dishonest narratives and misrepresentations of our values, we seek to set the record straight here.

To be clear, FPC completely and unequivocally condemns the immoral and heinous acts of violent criminals, rapists, violent predators, and child physical and sexual abusers. FPC would never and will never support evil and immoral acts; such would conflict with our values, one of which is that “we believe that all people have natural rights and are inherently entitled to liberty, private property, and peaceful autonomy.” For some to claim otherwise is utter and complete insanity—and entirely wrong.

Contrary to what some who wish to attack the Second Amendment community, its work, and value of liberty have deliberately and dishonestly represented, FPC does not support people and groups who immorally hurt others, damage property, or seek to destroy our fundamental rights. We have and will continue to fiercely oppose evil, coercive, and unjust force—no matter the perpetrator, government or private. FPC is, aways has been, and always will be, an anti-partisan group that exists for the sole purpose of creating a world of maximal human liberty, and defending and advancing your rights.

We did not foresee that principled arguments about natural rights and important procedural safeguards contained in the Constitution could be so incredibly and maliciously twisted into a false and reprehensible characterization of what we stand for. But, in hindsight, we should not have engaged in the conversation at all. That was a mistake, and for that we must apologize. We have also taken steps to ensure that we will not engage in such conversations again.

We will never, ever cease to be the voice for freedom, tirelessly fight for your fundamental rights, or move the culture toward a world of maximal human liberty. While some might use lies to try and undermine the Second Amendment community and mischaracterize our values, we will not allow fake news and misinformation to sabotage this community, our hard work, and our class-leading work products. We will not be bullied into submission by the government or private groups or individuals who oppose our purpose and our mission to restore liberty. 

That's why we have been, and remain, focused on doing what we do best: fighting forward, suing, and winning—just like we did last week in the first pro-Second Amendment final judgment since the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision. And we will continue to fight forward in new, critically important strategic cases and briefs to be filed in the coming days and weeks.