Albany, NY (July 01, 2022) — Firearms Policy Coalition issued the following statement in response to New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s signing of Senate Bill 51001:

Within hours of the Supreme Court's ruling in NYSRPA v. Bruen, New York Governor Kathy Hochul publicly declared that she would be calling an extraordinary legislative session to counter the Court’s invalidation of New York’s concealed carry law. The New York legislature, at Hochul’s behest, rushed to pass Senate Bill 51001–the legislative vehicle for New York’s desperate, flailing temper tantrum of a response to Bruen–before legislators, or the public, were able to review the text of the bill, sending it to an all-too-eager Hochul for her signature.

This measure will, among other punitive and prohibitive provisions, broadly expand not only the onerous burdens to acquire government permission slips for the exercise of fundamental rights, but also throttle the locations New Yorkers might actually exercise those rights.  

With the stroke of a pen, Hochul has promised The Empire State that she wishes to lock more of its residents in government run cages, with no regard for their personal safety, dignity, or liberty. 

FPC refuses to stand idly by while the state of New York threatens peaceable conduct with imprisonment, injury, and death. We see this bill for what it is: a grave injustice upon the people of New York. Restoring New Yorkers’ natural rights is of paramount importance, whether the tyrants in Albany think so or not. The governor and her cadre of anti-rights legislators should have no doubt that FPC will utilize every available instrument to remedy this historic wrong.

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