Dover, DE (June 30, 2022) — Firearms Policy Coalition issued the following statement in response to Delaware Governor John Carney’s signing of multiple gun control bills:

The Delaware legislature chose to follow other hostile regimes, desperate to restrict the rights of the people despite the Second Amendment’s unqualified command, by advancing multiple pieces of anti-rights legislation to Governor John Carney’s desk. Today, with Governor Carney’s stamp of approval, this package of bills promises to further throttle liberty in The First State. The six bills signed this afternoon include a ban on the sale of “assault weapons” (House Bill 450), a ban on possession of standard-capacity magazines (Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 6), prohibiting peaceable adults under the age of 21 from purchasing most firearms (House Bill 451), and an attempt to expose gun manufacturers and firearm dealers to frivolous lawsuits (Senate Bill 302).

In choosing to embrace this terrible package in its entirety, Governor Carney has exhibited a clear contempt for the natural rights of his constituents. By further restricting–at threat of violent enforcement and jail time–Delaware residents’ ability to protect themselves, Governor Carney has failed the people of Delaware.

FPC stands steadfast in opposition to the state's destruction of rights. Threatening peaceable conduct with imprisonment, injury, and death is nothing new for Carney and his sycophants. FPC promises to utilize all available options to remedy this injustice against the people of Delaware.

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