Updates in Lawsuits Challenging Hawaii's Stun Gun Ban and the Federal Bump Stock Ban in Today's FPC Daily 2A Legal Update


In today's FPC legal update, we have an update from a lawsuit challenging Hawaii's stun gun ban and one from a lawsuit challenging the federal bump stock ban.

Roberts v. Cummings

Issue: Hawaii stun gun ban

Court: Ninth Circuit

Action: Plaintiff-appellant’s status report

A status report was filed today with the Ninth circuit in a lawsuit challenging Hawaii's stun gun ban. The status report outlines the history of the case, including how it was stayed by the district court (which pauses the case), then the decision to stay was appealed, followed by the Ninth Circuit ordering the district court to either reconsider the stay or detail the reasons for keeping it. The district court judge responded by saying that the case will continue to be stayed, citing legislation and other lawsuits that could affect the case.

GOA v. Garland

Issue: Federal bump stock ban

Court: Sixth Circuit

Action: Response to petition for rehearing en banc

A response was filed today to an en banc petition in a lawsuit challenging the federal bump stock ban. The plaintiffs in this case won at the Sixth Circuit in March, and the government responded by filing an en banc petition, which asks every judge on the court to hear the case, instead of the 3-judge panel that previously heard it. The the response to the petition, the plaintiffs argue that the government "recycles various red herrings designed to distract from the paucity of its arguments," and that it "presents no compelling reason to review the panel’s decision, and the Court should deny the Petition." In 2019, FPC filed a brief in this case, which you can read here.