February 14, 2022 – Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) issued the following statement in response to President Biden’s continued push for unconstitutional legislation and policies on the fourth anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida: 

Shamefully, President Biden and the committee of vultures who support his extreme anti-rights agenda—the Michael Bloombergs, Everytowns, and others—continue to undermine and attack our constitutionally protected natural rights by dancing on the graves of innocents, leveraging tragedy to their immoral ends. They are, without question, exclusively concerned with advancing authoritarian policies rather than creating a world of peace and liberty.

Time and time again, we see that evil and insane people intent on causing death, injury, and chaos simply ignore the thousands of federal, state, and local criminal laws that prohibit acts like murder and assault. What is President Biden’s so-called ‘solution’? More of the same. More laws and executive actions that violent criminals will continue to ignore. More criminalization of constitutionally protected conduct and arms. More aggressive law enforcement. More individuals, especially people of color, jailed and imprisoned for merely possessing arms for self-defense. More no-knock raids. And, tragically, more Amir Lockes and Breonna Taylors and Philando Castiles.

Peaceable gun owners are not responsible for evil or insane killers who use firearms in their immoral acts—period. We reject the idea that the American people and our fundamental human right to keep and bear arms for self-defense must suffer for the crimes of the wicked. The memory of the victims lost four years ago in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and the true lessons learned that day shall not be forgotten. FPC will continue to fiercely oppose President Biden’s assaults on the human right to keep and bear arms and the people who exercise it. 

About FPC

Firearms Policy Coalition (firearmspolicy.org), a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization, exists to create a world of maximal human liberty, defend constitutional rights, advance individual liberty, and restore freedom. FPC’s efforts are focused on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and adjacent issues including freedom of speech, due process, unlawful searches and seizures, separation of powers, asset forfeitures, privacy, encryption, and limited government. The FPC team are next-generation advocates working to achieve the Organization’s strategic objectives through litigation, research, scholarly publications, amicus briefing, legislative and regulatory action, grassroots activism, education, outreach, and other programs. FPC Law (FPCLaw.org), is the nation’s largest public interest legal team focused on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and the leader in the Second Amendment litigation and research space.